Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Old Blue Last, Wildside & Favela Chic

The Old Blue Last

We got to play at The Old Blue Last on Tuesday (Sept 30th) courtesy of ‘Amusement Parks on Fire’ who orchestrated a bit of a Nottingham love-in down in London for the final date of their tour. Situated on Great Eastern Road the Old Blue Last is a bombed out, old-school East End boozer that was bought by Vice magazine a few years ago. Inside, wires hang from walls; furnishings have been rescued from skips and regular flooding from the toilets has left it pissy. In other words: Punk as fuck! A quick trawl on YouTube brings up all kinds of great looking live gigs they've put on over the last few years from Nigerian grime to sludge metal. The barmaids are super sexy and the PA is pretty good too. Despite the good signs I was still slightly apprehensive because loads of people I spoke to described it as ‘a Nathan Barley pub’ which instantly filled me with images of jeering edgy art dicks wearing ironic paedo T-shirts and mirrored eye visors. Obviously it was nothing like that. In fact it was the opposite. A really good pub that puts on everything from Nigerian grime to sludge metal without any of the nonsense.

On a bit of a tangent, if you want to go on a slightly wrong night out then you should go to Wildside which is this once monthly cock/sleaze/glam rock revivalist night at Junktion 7 in Nottingham. It’s mostly filled wall-to-wall with dysfunctional hard rockers who get crazy drunk whilst getting emotional about it not being 1986 before dropping to their knees for an Eddie Van Halen solo and then disappearing into the toilets to have sex and drink Jack Daniel’s and fall out with each other due to fringe scene claustrophobia. It’s like going to a special zoo that houses dying musical sub-cultures and is one of my favourite nights out. The last time I went a Goth girl prized a guys penis out of his pants and started licking it while he was on the dance floor “crab dancing” to Buckcherry. Stuff like that happens all the time at Wildside. You should definitely go.

Favela Chic

Despite a relatively anodyne Old Blue there were certainly a few rubberneck moments further along Great Eastern Road that made me consider my small city mindedness. My favourite was a place called Favela Chic which is basically an upmarket bar/restaurant a couple of doors down from the Hoxton Bar & Grill that’s been decked out in the style of a Rio slum!! Next week see’s the opening of 'Junta Gourmet', a fine dining experience inspired by the Burmese rat famine.


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