Friday, 26 February 2010

Save 6Music/Asian Network!

Just thought I'd add this message from our record label Hello Thor. We're totally gutted about the likely end of 6Music as they've been massively helpful and supportive of us since the very early days. There just isn't a platform of this size and as indiscriminate as 6Music for weird little indie bands like us.

Here's Hello Thor's original message with some pointers on what you can do:

As you may be aware, a document was leaked this morning (26-02-10) detailing BBC plans to close 6Music, along with the Asian Network, and parts of the BBC website. For a label like Hello Thor, 6Music is a valuable outlet and one of the few places where small, independent labels can get their music heard. If 6Music were to close it would be a great blow to us, artists associated with us, and labels/bands up and down the country.

It would be great if you could make your feelings about the proposed closures to the following people:

BBC Director General Mark Thompson:

The Culture Secretary Ben Bradshaw

The BBC Complaints Department

And please sign the following petition opposing the closure of 6Music & The Asian Network

You can also join this Facebook group:



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