Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came down to the Obits, Tropics and of course Fists gig last night at The Chameleon. Tropics and Obits kicked my face off (metaphorically). Can't wait to see them again next week in Bristol (we're sharing the bill with them at the Thekla on October 12th, if anyone in Bristol would like adding to the cheap guest list then send us a message and we'll put you on) Also wanted to say thanks to Damn You! for their help with getting the word out about this gig. It would have been half as full without their efforts. Also thanks to Hello Thor for letting us piggyback on their mailing list again and finally a big thanks to Alex (and friend) from High Soc for covering the door for us all night long.

We owe you one.


PS - Check out this little piece of film I took of Obits playing 'Two Headed Coin'. The guitar solo at the 2:00 mark is face ripping. Sorry I didn't get the whole song.

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