Sunday, 4 October 2009

OBITS + TROPICS + FISTS @ The Chameleon (Oct 5th)

OBITS - Hail from NYC and feature a couple of true indie rock veterans in Rick Froberg (formerly of Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu) and Sohrab Habibion (formerly of Washington D.C. indie greats Edsel). Their early 2008 shows caused ripples of excitement and speculation around the indie rock communities stateside which culminated in a frenzy of bootlegging and blogging. This year finally saw the release of debut record 'I Blame You' which is out now on Sub Pop Records.

Sound wise OBITS are pure, white hot, valve-amp rock that draws straight from the heart of original proto-rock n roll luminary Link Wray but with obvious nods to the hardcore scenes that Froberg and Habibion came from.

TROPICS - Also a new band composed of veteran indie rockers but this time from the UK scene. Featuring members of the shortlived but critically loved Meet me in St Louis and Jodie Cox from UK hardcore veterans Bullet Union. Enough said really.

FISTS - A tumbledown fusion of country twang, soft-psyche pop harmony and noisy fuzz tone.

£5 / £4 High Soc

Doors 8pm (first band 8:30) @ The Chameleon, Long Row (Market Sq above Clinton Cards).

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