Monday, 30 November 2009

Recording...Nov 2009

We've been back in the studio this weekend for the first time forever. This time we used First Love Studio in Nottingham which is run by musician, producer, teacher and father of two Pete Fletcher. Pete is a totally great, massively enthusiastic and extremely talented studio engineer and it was a real pleasure and relief having him around for the weekend. The studio is an off the chain, DIY labour of love filled to bursting with beautiful equipment such as a 200 year old harmonium, a harpsichord, xylophones, analogue synthesizers, a Selmer amp head, etc, etc. You can get a better look here

Also on board was our best friend Andy Wright who is producing as well as helping with the engineering and also mixing the record too. We should have the fruits of all our labour out on the 29th March through Hello Thor.

Here's Andy showcasing our new direction. More vid's to follow.

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