Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Shambling Xmas performance & other stuff.

Hi all,

First of all thanks to all who came down to the Hello Thor Xmas party on Saturday. Half of us were way too shambling drunk to be on a stage that night but had a great time regardless. Thank god no one filmed it. If it was the first time you’ve ever seen us play then we would suggest that you give us a second chance by coming to our Rescue Rooms show this Friday (Dec 18th) where we will be Prince slick and Cliff Richards sober. You won’t recognise us! People consider us to be a heavy metal ‘Earth Wind & Fire’ when we’re sober.

Dave plays bass like this guy

and I pull off vocal shit as good as this guy.

However, shambling will recommence at the Damn You! xmas covers party (December 19th at The Bodega Social). The covers party is one of our favourite nights of the year and is usually a messy affair for everyone who comes along. It involves lots of terrible, inebriated covers that are completely at odds with the usual music of some of Nottingham's favourite local bands. This year will see live turns from Wax Stag, Din Din, Ulysses Storm, Wander Phantom, Burly Nagasaki, Savoy Grand and more. If you fancy it then you might want to get an advance ticket because it's well on it's way to completely selling out! Tickets for both shows can be bought from Gigantic.

In other 'news', we became mega famous the other day when Artrocker included us in their top 100 singles of 2009. We're at #34 for Cockatoo/Skit (which is still available on vinyl in limited numbers from these guys: Hello Thor). Artrocker said they liked it because it sounded like we don’t really know what we’re doing but in a good way which is actually mostly correct. Check out the full list here.

We’re hoping that we’ve extended the ‘not knowing what we're doing but in a good way' formula to the new stuff that we've been recording. More news about new stuff soon.

If you've read this far well done. I probably owe you something.


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Siobhan Sands said...

.... next on the list is Jools Holland see you on the TV soon.