Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New songs and musing on new songs

Hi folks a little update (but mainly a test run of

We've been keeping a bit of a low profile lately to concentrate on writing some new stuff. It's turning out pretty good. It's a bit darker and weirder than we've ever sounded before. If I was a rubbish hack I would say that the new Fists stuff is the soundtrack for the 'age of austerity' and a howl at cold war ghosts, North Korea! Obviously that's total nonsense like most music journalism these days and of course it doesn't sound anything like that at all. A more realistic clue on how I think one of the songs is shaping up are the words 'sister', 'ray', 'shitter', 'poppier' and 'Fists' if you can imagine such a thing. We'll be committing the whole lot to tape in a mad flurry of sweat and valves this coming July somewhere in Dalston after which you can make up your own minds.

We'll keep you posted.

J x

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