Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Other news...

As you may know some of our members are also involved with other stuff. Firstly Theresa has formed a new band with Joey Chickenskin called Burly Nagasaki. They're an oddball mash up of surf rock, twee-pop, rock n roll, power-pop, horror soundtrack, homage and conceptual art all jostling about together in a weird stew. They're really good fun and will be playing at Dot-to-Dot Festival (Nottingham) on Saturday 30th May at the Trent Uni Glo Bar at 2pm. Make sure you check them out.

Also, Dave our bassist (who we share with the fabulous Cult of Dom Keller AND Cuban Crimewave) was recently in the studio with Cult of Dom Keller to record their debut album with legend guitarist/producer Doggen (Spiritualized/Julian Cope). Dave says it was the best recording experience he's ever had in his life and that they did most of the songs in a single take!! Needless to say I'm totally desperate to hear (be sick with jealousy about) the results. Keep your eye on their Myspace.

Finally, Pete will be watching football for pretty much ALL of next month. He's been waiting for 4 years for it so please do not attempt to book us for any shows (unless of course they are actually at the World Cup). That goes to you as well Eavis with your empty Friday night slot at Glastonbury this year.

J x

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Pia said...

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