Wednesday, 15 September 2010

NEWSFLASH/// The Vaselines + Fists (lame innuendo heaven)


This coming Monday (Sept 20th) we’re playing with indie pop LEGENDS The Vaselines at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham. Right now as I type this I’m reliving the time when I was an angsty, sexually repressed teenager pouring over the first Vaselines record back in 1995 sobbing about girls and stuff. Weird times...

Here’s a few Vaselines facts:

It’s their first proper UK tour for 20 years (I think).

Kurt Cobain was a Vaselines super fan covering no less than 3 of their songs with Nirvana (Molly’s Lips, Son of a Gun and Jesus Don’t Want me for a Sunbeam). Cobain even went as far as naming his child after Frances McKee from the band.

My friend recently sold their ‘Dum-Dum’ album on Ebay for insane money. It went a good chunk of the way towards the purchase of his new Fender Telecaster.

They have a brand new record out called ‘Sex with an X’ which is their first for 20 years and is supposed to be completely ace (I haven’t heard it yet).

Frances McKee is looking totally sexy these days. She’s gone all 40-something, yogic, hipster mum which I’ve just discovered I’m totally in to.

Money saving idea #1:

Come to the show and buy two copies of the new record on vinyl and politely ask the band if they’ll sign them. Sell one on Ebay to a half-crazed Japanese collector for loads of £££ and keep one for yourself to treasure forever thus effectively bankrolling your whole evening, covering your record buy (probably) and also helping to line the pockets of totally deserving cult indie royalty.

Money saving idea #2:

E-mail your name (or names) to and we will add you to our special discount guest list meaning that you can get in on the door for just £6 on the night (advanced tickets are £10).


Fists x

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