Monday, 17 January 2011

Ascending b/w Stag - The Details

Stag b/w Ascending will be released on Monday 21st February 2011 as a strictly limited edition 7" on hand numbered, light green vinyl (500 copies - single pressing only). It comes in a beautiful, full colour, 300gsm, matte finish, card sleeve and will include a download code for high quality digital versions of the songs.

Additionally each copy will be screen printed by hand (by Pete from the band) with some lovely logo typeface designed by our friend Norman (

To pre-order head here


Steve - Mode 9 Records said...

Friends / relatives of FISTS, hows about buying one of these from my shop? Seeing as I "own" (apparently) more than my fair share of the 500 - and have yet to stick any of the buggers in a record mailer - the relief of shifting a single one would be so monumental that I think my hair might stop falling out. Oh, and I absolutely do not think this qualifies as comment spam given my investment in this rather large pile of vinyl and the price I'm virtually giving it away at :) Great tunes, btw.

Fists said...

Genuinely sorry that our 7" isn't selling through your shop Steve. We worked very hard to make it the best it could be. We hand numbered every copy. We hand screen printed every copy. We exclusively limited the numbers and we made sure it sounded fucking awesome on a record player.

Our tiny DIY label worked really fucking hard to push it. It got played to death on 6Music and nearly got playlisted and we played a load of shows.

You liked the single enough to stock it.

How many copies have you got?

Steve - Mode 9 Records said...
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